Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm sick in the head, in the head

Another album I'm looking forward to the release of would be Murderdolls new album, Woman and Child Last. I didn't think they'd get back together, but here they are again :) and hopefully their tour leads them to Australia.

Can't wait. Murderdolls are always good :P

1. The World According To Revenge
2. Chapel of Blood
3. Bored Til Death
4. Drug Me To Hell
5. Nowhere
6. Summertime Suicide
7. Death Valley Superstars
8. My Dark Place Alone
9. Blood-Stained Valentine
10. Pieces of You
11. Homicide Drive
12. Nothing's Gonna Be All Right
13. Rock N Roll is All I Got
14. Whatever You Got, I'm Against IT
15. Hello, Goodbye, Die

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